Many people have the wrong idea about android TV boxes so we have done some digging legally and this is what we have found:

Are android TV boxes legal?

Absolutely! All an android box is a an android device that connects to your TV. It is essentially just an android computer where you can stream live TV, play games, access social media, Youtube, music apps and much more. A lot of times people are looking for an android box to stream content. This can also be done legally with apps such as Netflix, Stan and many other players from around the world including Ten Player, Foxtel Official App, BBC iplayer, ITV player and hundreds more!!

What about Streaming?

As we have mentioned streaming comes in many forms and a lot of them legal such as netflix, iPlayer, ITV Hub and many other services. We are not responsible for third party add ons that are not in accordance with the laws and we do not load the box with any such add ons.

Legal Disclaimed:

ANDROIDTVBOXES.COM.AU is not affiliated with XBMC/Kodi or any third party applications within XBMC/Kodi.

ANDROIDTVBOXES.COM.AU does not host, provide, archive, store, or distribute media of any kind.

ANDROIDTVBOXES.COM.AU STREAMING BOXES do not come "pre-loaded" with any third party addons, channels or content what so ever. advertises what an Android TV Box is capable of. However, customers are able to download and install third party addons through a third party wizard program at their own discretion. Customers are also able to download and install NetFlix and other Android apps onto their device which give them access to streams.

ANDROIDTVBOXES.COM.AU does not condone piracy or usage of third party applications which link to copyrighted material. The advertised Live Channels are from Legal sources such as and USTVnow whom provide free streams with no subscriptions or fees.

ANDROIDTVBOXES.COM.AU advises users to check third party applications before use, as to whether you &/or they are authorized & hold the applicable rights to stream & access the media content within that third party application.

ANDROIDTVBOXES.COM.AU prohibits the use of its services for any purpose other than that of legal home entertainment, of which it was intended.

ANDROIDTVBOXES.COM.AU does not sell media, content or channels. sells Android TV Boxes which utilize the Android Operating System. Third party apps including Kodi FilmON and NetFlix can be installed on any Android device, including Media HUBs.

Furthermore, some third party Kodi addons do not search the world wide web for streams. Some of them are linked to official sources such as PLUS7, TENPLAY, USTVnow, FilmON and other Official sources whom provide free and Official legal to view content. Other third party add-ons which scrape the internet for streaming sources are commonly referred to as “a grey area” and that’s why does not install any third party addons onto our devices. Users should install third party addons at their own discretion. We do not condone or encourage piracy in any way.